Hey everyone,this my first blog. doing a test run right now..

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Frank says... (Reply)
"Jeremey i play cards with your dad and all i can say he has the greatest respect and love for you - going try to see you at GVR" (11/25/13)
Melanie says... (Reply)
"Loved you at the Hard Rock Hotel!!! Keep on rockin' the way you are, you are a great musician!" (2/25/14)
Dean says... (Reply)
"Ok...This guy is GREAT!!! Everytime I see him, he has improved his act. I live in Cabo, but everytime I'm back in Vegas, I make it a point to listen to Jeremy every chance I can. Keep rockin' Jeremy!!!" (3/6/14)
Joey says... (Reply)
"I met Jeremy in Dayton when he was playing drums for a local band, this was around 1997. I enjoyed watching and listening to him sing and play the drums like no ones business. He rocked the house then and I'm sure he hasn't stopped! Rock on Jeremy!" (3/7/14)
jeremy james says... (Reply)
"i appreciate all the kind words from my friends and fans. thanks so much!" (10/20/14)
Cy says... (Reply)
"WoW! You frEaking roCk, we had a Blast this last weekend at the Hard Rock! Really made our night, wish could bottle you up and pour you out all over the breasts of every wet T-shirt contest (think hoT chicKs man!l)

You are a blessed and talented soul Jeremy, every one on the planet must get a dose of your fantastic righeousness, keep up the Hard Work!

-if poss, please email me pricing for a couple hours musical birthday bash, Thanks!

Cy" (11/9/15)